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Richie's speeches from Enjoy them..they're fun...

The third Filter record is officially going to be called The Amalgamut. I called the record amalagamut because I took a trip across the country and started to realize that everything in America could potentially become one big homogenized piece of shit. I'm so sick and tired of seeing McDonalds burger king subway on every single street. It's in a way an amalgamation or a mutt. I think there should be way more focus on abstract thought and individualism as opposed to everybody trying to be the same. That's it for now, gotta go back to work.



All by my lonesome, I'm writing songs by myself because I feel a lot of the new material, although brilliant, is so band oriented, that I've decided to kick everyone out of the studio and rock by myself with Rae Dileo my programmer/engineer. I love working with Geno, Frank and Steve but to obtain the original filter sound I had to play guitar, bass, drums and program the drum machine myself to pump out 3 or 4 songs just in the last month to make sure that the cd has more of a short busian feel to it. Eventhough I broke my wrist slipping on some ice in chicago I still pick up the guitar and somehow crank out the tunes. Punk rock as it seems, I have always chosen to be a limited musician because I think it sounds more interesting and what better limitation than a cast on my right hand. So the result is hard simple and sloppy just the way I like it. Singing has never been more easy, I'm really confident in my vocals these days, that's the one thing nobody can fuck with, not even old man winter and his slippery sidewalks. So keep posted and I'lll talk to ya soon, and maybe I'll reinstate the bulletin board if you're good, hubka says hi
peace love richie



.............Poor poor Richie. After a night of celebrating yet another finished song, on the trip up his icy stair case to his house in his apartment in chicago.....
.............I fell flat on my face, bled everywhere, and refused to go to the hospital, so it looks like I'm going to have a couple war wounds for the rest of my life. But other than that, we've been kicking ass as a band and we have some great new buddies in town from the band 'dualesc'. They're the first band to record at Abyssinian Sons since Filter started its second and third records here. We've had a lot of fun and we plan to have a lot more fun, these guys work fast, they know what they're doing, they're really professional and I'm very proud of what they're doing. Making music; that's what we do.

............. I had to get rid of that goddamn bulletin board because some people don't have a goddamn life. I mean, I feel bad because I really did want a sounding board for music lovers like myself, but it just turned into a fuckin who knows who, blah blah blah fest. one of these days I might put it back, but right now all you got are these words straight from shitty little me



2.15.01 Bulletin Board Closed
I've recently read my bulletin board and found that 90 percent of the things said on my bulletin board to be bullshit. My bulletin board is for kids and fans to express how much they like or dislike filter, it is not a sounding board for 8th grade sand box mentality - I finished high school why don't you? If you want to learn more about my band you will either buy my records, read interviews, or read the rest of the website, but you will not sit there and make an ass out of yourself and everyone else that likes filter. It has become an 8th grade/high school gossip soundboard as opposed to being a filter fan bulletin board. For this I apologize, but if you're going to get online and gossip about me, my family or what I do in my private life, those days are over, go somewhere else because officially the bulletin board and the chat room are gone. It might return but for now I'm cutting you guys off. I can't believe that the fans that listen to my compassionate music are bickering like an old couple sitting around a back gammon table in some nursing home. In other words, get on with your life, if you like my music play my cds, if you want to learn something about me buy a magazine or read the stuff on the webpage, but the bulletin board is not yours anymore.

-Richard Patrick



1.29.01 The Trip Through Americana
.............Hey everybody, sorry I've been away from the page, but i went on a little trip through Americana with Rae Dileo, and all I had was my guitar, a piece of shit tape recorder and my wheels. I've written 3 new songs on my acoustic too, to help add that acoustic element to the record. i might even use the tape recorder stuff i made, i just went down and got a piece of shit realistic tape recorder and some of the sounds i got on it were pretty interesting.
.............Let me tell you where i went; I went everywhere from Oklahoma City to Tombstone to the resting place of Billy the Kid, Monument Valley, the Navajo Reservation, the Hopi Reservation, and Sedona where i took a helicopter ride through the canyons. Then I finally wound up at the most wonderful place on the planet, the Grand Canyon where I also took a helicopter tour. I'll tell you why the Grand Canyon is such a special place to me, around 94, 95ish I was obviously younger, and I was in this band nine inch nails and I really didn't know what i wanted to do with my life. Everybody wanted me to go ahead and be a musician but its scary to quit such a big band. But when i wound up at the Grand Canyon the first time, after looking at its immensity I realized that life was far too short to not try and do my own music. The only thing that screwed me up in my life was fear, and every single time I fuckin apply one single ounce of confidence in something I do, my life changes dramatically. So it was really fun returning to the exact same spot that I made my choice at. Now I'm hitting Los Angeles to see a check out a few producers who I'm interested in working with. So I apologize for not being around for the page but I've been busy as hell.



1.7.01 The New Record
.............I'm so excited about it. We've definitely reached the half way point, if not more so, with song titles like "goddamn me", "it can never be the same", "my long walk to jail", "so I quit" and "I like the world today". I want to assure you that I'm very very proud of it. .............Abyssinian sons is now a well oiled music machine in which everybody is getting along really well and working diligently and respectively to ascertain the music to which you've grown accustomed too. I mean, when it comes to music there is nothing more important to me then trying to put out every emotional gamut of what we can do, from the highs to the lows of life come emotions that must be dealt with within our sound. So just a couple more months and we should be releasing stuff to radio.



Hey this is rich how ya'll doing. There is only two holidays that I take seriously, Thanksgiving, because Im half white and half Cherokee Indian and I feel that's kind of fucked up enough to appreciate and being a world traveler and seeing how shitty other countries are, the 4th of July. I just went and hung out with my brother Robert for thanksgiving, the one that lives in California, rob the new star of the xfiles. Being an xfiles fan i love visiting all the sets checking out mulder's vhs porno collection and sitting in his desk in his office. It reminded me of the time i was at the oval office, but the cool thing is, is that its now scully (or gillian's) office and my brothers desk is only 4 feet away. I hung out with the actor that plays skinner his name is Mitch, and we had a great time. But the great thing about being on holiday is coming back home to work and i cherish every moment that i'm in the studio because this is truly the best music i've ever been a part of. Were half way done writing the songs. We only need another 4 or 5. After we finish these 10-11 songs we're going to mix it and hopefully this fucker will be done and out by june, at the latest which Im not hoping for is august. My favorite songs include 'it can never be the same' 'my long walk to jail' 'i like the world today' 'so i quit' 'it will always remain in my head' and 'goddamn me'. The coolest thing about this record is we are as hard as we want to be, i mean we love our fuckin amps turned up and we love the testosterone shit that goes with that, but its also really wonderful when we can be ya know, i know this sounds corny, but the soft and sensitive guys we are. Speaking of being sensitive guys, i heard one of you mother fuckers actually posted a message that said filter were wusses or wuss bags or something and that take a picture sounds like a beer commercial? Well let me tell you someting mother fucker, i am so fucking hard that i would suck a fart out of your mothers asshole and then gladly burp it back up in her face. And as far as i'm concerned take a picture is one of the greatest songs i ever wrote and so what if its light, who gives a fuck? Now moving right along, hey Karren Thomas, matchbox 20 is the shittiest band yet known to the existence of humans, and while you're sitting there pondering that thought... write this down; THINGS TO DO; go out and buy Janes Addiction "nothings shocking" and "ritual de la rehabitual" and every led zeppelin record you could possibly find, THAT my friend rocks. And hey by the way, Shortbus16, "come to daddy" by Aphex Twin is one of the greatest songs ever written, I don't really care about the video, but Richard James is god and you should really check out aphex twin's ambient works volume 1. Primus, whatever, Nine Inch Nails "closer" - ya... 5 million dollars can buy you a really good video huh? But I still love Trent. Don't mean to plug my shit on my own page but expect a record this summer. And expect a bunch of photos from the studio, abyssinian sons, where we work, to hit the page soon. By the way, we are going to do an uncensored free-for-all live webchat on December 10th at 6pm Pacific Time, 9pm Eastern right here on, see you there!



i can't believe we went to the vma's (me and geno), i mean i love mtv and all, but goddamn after britney spears, sisqo and christina aguillera, i've realized one thing entertainment is alive and well in america but music is dead. rage against the machine helped me get through it and eminem, but i've realized the whole fuckin world is circulating around how much britney spears can shake her ass. we need to start converting these idiots, we need to start making these fuckin pop fans convert to filter fans for the love of god, we have to start making these idiots realize they have to love music that is real and honest, written, produced and performed by 3 or 4 people or whatever, not 21 producers and 16 songwriters. i know i sound pompus and shit but you know what, i've had it, i've fuckin had it, music is dead. 5 years ago, 10 years ago it was nirvana, soundgarden and maybe ll cool j, but it's such a fuckin shame that this country has turned into a bunch of braindead spoon fed idiots. I guess i'm sounding off and maybe i sound pompus but i swear to god i've had it. But its time to take back music. i'm going to work hard and get my album out there so someone fucks with these people, they shouldn't be the biggest things in music................... your loving singer, songwriter, musician, record producer and engineer richard patrick



Hey motherfuckers, just started working at abyssinian sons again, boy it feels great! I already got about 3 or 4 songs done, some really fuckin hard, some really fuckin soft as usual. We're doin a bunch of little one off shows all over the country this summer. We're going down to Miami to play with STP and the deftones in South Beach, Florida, can't wait to hang out with Scott, Dean and Chino. Oh and stop talking shit about me on my own fuckin bulletin board. I fuckin shaved my head, lookin mean again, it feels great! By the way some of you guys are asking about "The Best Things," call up your local radio stations and request it (Interruption: There are some airwave links here.), that's the only way you're going to hear it. I'm gonna set my boy Hubka up with a brand new bass that he has been asking for, and I just sent him a bunch of disks that are filled with pics from concert events taken with my digital camera from the past few months. Hey what did you guys think of us on EMP, i thought we kicked ass with Metallica, Kid Rock and Eminem. I'm alive and well and the music is only getting better!


Hey everybody its Rich again, here are some new song titles that you might be interested in;

I have a song called "Don't Give an Inch" which sounds similar to "Stuck in Here"/"Take a Picture". The lyrics are about not being afraid of who I am, and it's kind of a message to all people to focus on being an individual, and less on being a spoke in a wheel

There's a super heavy song called "The American Clich" which is about how common place school violence has become.

Then I have a new song called "The Missing" which was written before September 11th, but is lyrically apropos to the horrific events that occurred on said day. Speaking of that, you should all go donate some money to your local Red Cross

That's only 3 of the 12 songs, I've got almost a whole record written, make sure you check back with this page in a few weeks for more song titles and info. Sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been really busy with the record (which by the way is the best work I've ever done and I'm very proud of it).

So be cool to each other and I'll talk to ya later




I just bought an old favorite record of mine that I've been missing for awhile called The Unforgettable Fire by U2 which came out in 1984. When I heard the song called "4th of July", a very weird, eerie, ya know, The Edge with his big delay pedal and reverb, I thought something was kind of weird - they're not even Americans, what gives them the right? So, not unlike how they stole back "Helter Skelter" from Charles Manson for The Beatles, very lightheartedly, I'm going to steal back the "4th of July" for us Americans. I hope Bono doesn't get pissed.



Al Bailey is the new hired-gun 5th member touring guitarist for Filter after a long search. Geno and I gave him the friendly phone call last night and he almost pooped his pants. I can't wait to go on the road with this guy, he knows my parts better then me and he's going to add such a larger sound on the road. We'll have a couple photos up on the site soon.

By the way, the record company loves the new album, which is always a good thing to have in your back pocket. It's going to be out in July and I've met with the president of the label and he's said nothing but great things about it. The first single should be out in June, and we will be releasing a full song mp3 file on the website soon. So hang in there!



The third Filter record is officially going to be called The Amalgamut. I called the record the Amalgamut because I took a trip across the country and started to realize that everything in America is somewhat different, but very similar at the same time. I realize that if you go down south, people talk with a Midwestern accent, if you go to the west, people talk like they're from the east. What I'm trying to say is America is truly becoming the land that is a melting pot, and within this melting pot there is an immense amount of diversity. We put a man on the moon a year after I was born, we are the country that you are allowed to do and say whatever the fuck you want to, as long you don't kill someone. The Amalgamut is a celebration of this freedom, there is no such thing as "where are you from" in this country. Your ancestors could be Irish, Polish, Jewish, Native American, you can have that culture, but ultimately you're an Amalgamut. Whenever anyone asks me what my heritage is, I could say I am Native American, Irish, Spanish, German, Italian, but instead I proudly say I am a 13th generation American.

Be an individual in this country and realize that since the Revolutionary War, The Civil War, World War I, World War II, The Korean War, The Vietnam War, Desert Storm, and The War on Terror, thousands and thousands and thousands, maybe millions of men, have died for that freedom. This record is about going out there and being free, because the ideology of freedom isn't just in America, it's in England, it's in France, it's in Italy, it's in Germany, it's in Japan, it's in Canada, it's in Australia, and it's in many other countries. So please go out there and live your lives and remember that you're all free and that we're all Amalgamuts.

-Richard Patrick



We only have a few more songs to mix then Ben Grosse leaves to go master with Bob Ludwig at his studio in Maine. We'll be doing the first video soon and it's going to be pretty cool. I am co-directing the video with Alexandria Costa, who's recently done the video for Andrew WK's song. This is all going on this month, its really fucking hectic, but its awesome though. The music is definitely shining brightly due to Ben Grosse's magical mix powers. The album is still on time for a mid to late summer release. Expect to hear the first single on your local radio station in June, call up and request it so the rest of the world gets Filter too! Just hang in there it will definitely be worth the wait!

-Richard Patrick


Hey guys, me and Geno will be leaving Chicago on the 18th for a big European press tour. We arrive in London on May 20th, and we'll be working from 11am until 6:45pm. We'll be doing various photo shoots and interviews with places like SHM Front and Quarters, Metal Hammer, Kerrang, Total Guitar, Rock Sound, Guitarist, and Big Cheese. The next day we're going to Hamburg, Germany to do twice as many interviews. After that, it's off to Cologne where we'll do triple the interviews, going from 11am to 9pm at night. Then we fly to Paris, France (and we get prepared to eat frog legs). And finally, we'll come back to the good old USA to get started rehearsing for the first tour; Locobazooka. It's all glamorous in the music biz guys, I'm not big on these tours because all we do is talk about ourselves and basically repeat the same stuff over and over again, but I guess that's just the life of a rockstar.

-Richard Patrick


Geno and I had a wonderful time in Europe. The journalists are so excited about our record, in fact just about every journalist we've talked too really loves what they're hearing on the water-marked CDs. After I got back from Europe, I've been on a serious regimen of rehearsal and planning for the upcoming tours. We are going to kick the shit out of Locobazooka and have a lot of fun with Sevendust; our good friends. So check out our tour dates and make sure you go to our shows

On another note, it seems Fred Durst and I have a little problem. I'm a little offended about what he said about me in the recent Playboy magazine. Fred I hate to say this, but you need psychiatric help. Everyone that is good, you shit on, you think the world is according to Fred Durst and Fred Durst alone, and that's why Wes (the main musical genius of Limp Bizkit) left you. I thought I made up with you at the Puddle of Mud concert and I thought everything was cool but apparently not. If you email me I would be proud to find doctors that specialize in psychiatric help for you. Mental illness is nothing to be laughed at, and you're obviously suffering from some serious bitterness or clinical depression towards the world. All my best to you because I still love your band and I still love you. I just hope you seek the help that you need.

Richard Patrick


An Open Letter to Fred Durst

Dear Fred,

Limp Bizkit and your music astounds me. I've been a Limp Bizkit fan since the day I met you. I kind of live in a vacuum, in my own little Filter world but when I saw you on family values I realized I was looking at a man with a vision and a dream. You have given the world incredible music - and I'm speaking about you, Wes, Sam, Lethal and John - you guys have given the world a wonderful glimpse of youth culture that is comparable to The Who back in the 70s when they infused a generation of legitimate rock. And that's just your music. Your vision as a video director has inspired me to go ahead and co-direct my own videos. As an A&R man, you have picked up bands that are also, and I don't use this word lightly, Awesome. Staind, Puddle of Mudd, etc. So you know I have full and utter respect for you.

Now here's the reason why we've had trouble. You said that the second family values sucked because of whatever reason. I took that personally because I was on tour with you. I said something that was a little cruel, but it was still from my heart. The other thing that bothered me, was that you used the press as a way to vent. My grandfather told me at a young age, think before you speak. Ripping on the guy from Creed, or picking on Alanis Morrisette, isn't doing anybody any good. That type of stuff just makes you look bitter. If you say things and it's published, you should warn me, because I won't respond in a manner such as this. But when I was called an ungrateful sack of shit and that "it should be put in bold letters" that hurt, and that's a hateful thing to say. I understand the lead time with the interview but they still printed it. So being a man, I stood up for myself and I publicly said that you should seek help. I've also seen you say wonderful things about me, which I'm so grateful for, but I think you need to stop using the press as a therapeutical way of dealing with your problems.

I am definitely willing to put this behind us. When I hugged you at Puddle of Mudd, I could feel love from the both of us, and I'd rather feel that than feel hurt. We have a common thread that bonds us, we suffer from LSD: lead singer disease. I'd really love to talk to you; man to man, but more importantly singer to singer

Much Love and Respect,

Richard Patrick


Hey guys, The Executions just remixed "Where do we go from here" and it sounds great, it'll definetly be played in clubs soon. We'll be releasing a box set of remixes for "Where do we go from here" on vinyl in about a month, so look out for that. All you techno fans will love this shit.

As far as the band, we're still rehearsing and getting ready for the tour, the voice is a little tired but we're really excited to get out there and kick some ass live! See ya around



Hey guys, I am so excited to hit the road and start touring - we got the songs down tight and my voice feels great! We are actually touring two months before the record is in stores, which means all you Locobazooka kids get to hear new songs that aren't yet available, other than the single - and its gonna be played live, right in front of ya! Expect a great show from yours truly, Geno Lenardo, Steve Gillis, Frank Cavanaugh and Alan Bailey (the new guy on guitar). So check out the updated tour listings and keep an eye out for Filter when we visit your city - come to the shows, its gonna be a blast! And remember, don't go downloading the shit, be an upstanding citizen and buy the new CD like the rest of us - I'm trying to make this world better for you, your loved ones and even your pets :)



My record came out today and I'm stoked! I've been on tour for 4 or 5 weeks, and the shows have been amazing, the crowd's are just absolutely dedicated. I finally feel like we're entering our prime. I'm sorry about the website, it's been a little goofy, but between me, Adam, SuzAnn, and the record company, we're making it the best site that we can. See you soon



We played to a sold out concert in Chicago at the Ronald McDonald House of Burger King Blues, complete with a packed crowd and a willingness to piss off the local critics. Except for the fans, that town has never given us any respect, and at this point I don't even care. So we took a shit in the dressing room and moved on to Detroit. Now Detroit, those motherfuckers were Rock City! The police were arresting the Mosh Pit, so we took a shit promptly in Detroit's dressing room in honor of those kids getting arrested and the great crowd. Then, Cleveland, the Gravity Games, finally, the city that we were looking for. Cleveland, home of the Indians, the Browns, the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame. Cleveland, my stomping grounds, my hometown! It was an honor to work with the good people at NBC, the Gravity Games, all the skate punks and motorcross freaks, and an attendance of close to 10,000 fans. Fuck'n a' yeah Bubba!

Mr. Patrick


Hey everybody its Rich. Today is Monday August 5th and we just did the filming for The Rock Show on MTV. We met a nice VJ named Abby and we'll be seeing her again this Wednesday because we're doing an MTV2 taping for The Rock Show. Tommorow we are going to go and shoot Last Call with Carson Daly, and that airs some time next week. We're doing Rockline tonight, and that's gonna be way fun. Then we're doing the Connan Obrien Show on Thursday, and that'll be way cool too. I'll be sure to give you guys an inside scoop about the shows on Rich Words later this week, we're trying to pick up the pace a little here. That's it for now, I'll keep you posted, oh and we should be getting new exclusive pictures on the site soon as well.




Hey everybody it's Rich, we just filmed Last Call with Carson Daly performing the song "Where do we go from here". We shot it today, but it will air the 14th. I just want to say that it's a great live version, we really got into it, Carson was blown away, and we'd like to thank everybody at Last Call and everyone at NBC for having us. So remember to tune in the 14th and rock out with us on Last Call with Carson Daly. Oh and I was just kidding about the House of Blues stuff a couple days ago, I love playing that place, it was awesome we had a great time in Chicago and we want to thank everyone involved for making it so cool.



Hey everybody, we just did Late Night with Conan O'Brien, we taped it early and I just want to tell you that we had a great time! I screamed my ass off, we did the song "My Long Walk to Jail", it was cool because we went for it really heavy. We want to thank Conan and everyone at NBC (again) they were all wonderful to us. That's all for now, I'll check in with you later



Ever since I landed in Germany I've felt good, its a beautiful country and I love the people. But I've felt a small sort of prejudice from a few people because I'm from the United States. A couple fans Ive met are uncomfortable with George Bush and the United States going to war with Iraq. When I think of the U.S. I think of places like Monument Valley, I don't think of politics. I love America and it seems like thats really unpopular in Europe, and that makes me sad.

The shows have been awesome. Last night we played with Korn, it was so great to see all the guys again because they threw down pretty hard. It's always awesome to see 50,000 people lose their shit. We're coming back to the U.S. to play some shows in September, so arm yourself to the teeth; I'll talk to you soon



Yesterday we commemorated the anniversary of 9/11 by going on with our lives and playing an appropriate rock show. Performing "The Missing" last night had a lot of meaning for us, and everybody started to cry - it was a very touching moment in my life, it felt incredibly therapeutic. Sorry I've been away from the site, I will write again very soon.



We finally got back to Canada, it's been awhile since we've played there, we had a really great time. Last night on the bus I saw the movie Snatch for the first time. My favorite scene is when cousin Avi gets frustrated with his partners in crime and instructs his henchman bullet-tooth Tony; "Tony, I'm getting heartburn, do something terrible" - great stuff.

A lot of on tour pranks are starting to kick up. For instance, last night we waited until an un-named member of the band went to bed and we put a walkie talkie next to his ear. Through the technique of subliminal messages, we convinced him that he had to go to the bathroom in his sleep. We made him wet his bunk by wispering "you have to take a piss" into the walkie-talkie. So he woke up, ran to the bathroom, relieved himself, went back to his bunk, found the walkie talkie and threw it at us like a baseball. It hit the front window of the bus and shattered upon impact. The bus driver stopped the bus because fragments of the walkie talkie ended up in his eye, so needless to say, we owed our bus driver a big apology. That's all for now, see ya soon!



I want to apologize to all my friends and fans for having to cancel these upcoming shows, but right now I'm concerned about my health and want to get back into the best physical and mental condition to go back on the road next year.


Hi this is Richard again, I'm alive and kicking! Rehab was the best thing that ever happened to me, my mind is clear, my body is fit and I feel great. Thank you for all your love and support, I definitely felt it over the last 45 days. I can't tell you how great I feel. Rehab has made me rethink everything in my life. Now that I'm not wasting time on getting fucked up, I'll be able to devote more energy toward creating my music. I'll tell you right now that I have big plans for Filter and many other new musical projects that I have going on in my life. I'm so proud of this band and what we've accomplished, even when I was fucked up, but now that I'm straight there's no telling what we can do. So I know this might sound like a cliché letter from rehab, but because I've never said it, it's not cliché to me. So thanks for being there and supporting me through this, I'll write again soon!



Hello everybody its Richard talking to you from my new home in the beautiful mountains of southern California. I have set up my new studio out here and I'm working on plenty of new music. The studio is now called Abyssinian West and it's located in the guest house of my property. To break in my new pro tool system I'm working with a friend of mine that I met on the Family Values Tour. We're doing a killer new song together, probably for a motion picture soundtrack which will be released this summer. Also I'm already writing the new Filter record and expanding on my instrumental shit in a band called Carpet. So expect those three new things to happen soon. I'm very happy that I can be so productive now. My voice feels great and the shit is dope! I will be posting photos of my studio so you can look forward to that. So sit tight for further postings and know that I'm healthy wealthy and wise.

Yours truly,
-Richard Patrick


Yes, I have come back down to reality in Los Angeles. I'm still really appreciating Christmas because I had a wonderful time with my mother and father. When I got back last night, my girlfriend and I celebrated the holidays. She gave me a paragliding gift certificate and an Anakin Skywalker Light Saber movie replica - it's the real shit too! I can't wait to tell you guys who it is I'm working with for this new song on this soundtrack, it's turning out great. I've been listening to the Dualesc CD a lot lately, I gotta admit those guys rock, check em' out!

That's it for now, rock on!

-Richard Patrick


Hey this is Rich from Abyssinian West - I welcome the daily grind! I'm working really hard these days; I've written five new songs on my acoustic so far and I'm gonna get to work on recording them this week, they're coming along really great. There's not a lot of stuff to report on, but there could potentially be a lot of news on the soundtrack front soon, I'll keep you posted for sure. That's it for now, I'll talk to you soon



Big fucking doings! A lot of big shit is going on, I can't talk to you about it yet, but there is definitely a lot of big shit going on! I posted a self portrait I made, you can check it out under this message. I've also been consulting with Dr. Maxar Berezium, you may remember him from The Amalgamut, you can read below for some information from his press release. I'll talk to you soon.


Dr. Maxar Berezium:
Dr. Berezium is the lead singer/healer for 100,000 leagues Under my Nutsack. Dr. Berezium is a philanthropist who aids man in covert musical operations primarily focused on achieving abnormally high levels of cerebral brain activity. All musicians kneel down before his superior knowledge, wisdom and power as he solves their problems and increases the overall heaviness of their souls, thus providing them with more powerful riffs.

Too understand more about Dr Berezium's experiments one may view his short film "The Plague of Thousand Deceptions" only available on the new Filter CD "The Amalgamut"


Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted in awhile but I've been really busy. Man it's bizarre, because I moved to California and I've kind of had a lot of time by myself, the new stuff is starting to sound a lot like a super high octane version of Short Bus. It's me, Rae, and a super computer at this point, which is pretty much the way it was on Short Bus (except with maybe a slightly less super computer). But essentially it's been me left alone with the technology. Because I have made my health the top priority in my life, the new stuff is churning out at a really fast rate. I should be done writing material for this new record fairly soon, and I'm really excited about all of it - it's coming along great. I'm also looking forward to recording some new demos for Dualesc at Abyssian West soon, those guys are a cool new band. Don't be disappointed if you don't hear from me in the Rich Words for a little while, I've been way busy lately. But you know how I like to drop by the Filter Discussion Group and read what's going on there.

That's all for now, stay tuned for updates!


It's all about the rock: I've written 5 songs for the new record and right now this feels so much like the Richard Patrick drum machine record it's awesome. Not that I'm excluding Geno and the guys, but time and Filter wait for no one. I'm doing all sorts of crazy stuff with my music; i'ts hard, it's light, it' all over the place, and it's very celestial at times as my girlfriend puts it. On another note I went and saw Audioslave last night at The Palladium. It was a night of amends because the last time I was at the Palladium I think they very gently asked me to leave because I was so wasted. But now that Im a good boy I kind of went back and made sure they knew I was alive and well and thankful that they didnt call the cops. But yeah, Audioslave rocked and it was very sweet of a lot of their fans to come up and comment on how much they loved The Amalgamut. So make sure that you have a chance to see those guys live before they rap it up and head back to the studio, they're great. That's it for me, I still love stopping by The FDG there's some interesting topics on there so check it out.

Talk to ya soon
Richard Patrick


To everyone in the US Armed Forces and the Forces of the Allied coalition:

All politics aside - I just wanted to show my support and let you know that I hope for your safe return. I am eternally grateful and indebted for what you guys have to do. I'm with you all the way.

Sincerely Yours,
Richard Patrick


Sorry I haven't posted in awhile but the only thing I've been doing lately is working on the new record. It's just me, Rae and my assistant engineer Jef in the studio every day. I've been making music that will definetly turn out to be the definitive Filter record. I'm really enjoying writing everything by myself too. It reminds me of when I lived in Rocky River and I did the first record with Brian, my former producer. These songs have the best elements of all three previous records, but with the mental clarity that I have now, there are some super honest lyrics. Speaking of work I can't sit here on this god damn computer anymore, I gotta get back to playing.... goodbye



Holy shit it's been awhile but I apologize as always I've been a busy man. A lot of stuff has been going on behind the scenes. I just finished working with Wes Borland, Danny Lohner and Josh Freese. The four of us have been working together on a project called The Damning Well and we're contributing one song to the soundtrack for the upcoming movie Underworld. The song came out great and I really like the way my voice sounded with all those guys, they are definitely some talented fuckin' musicians! It's interesting because I had never met Josh Freese because his drum tracks were done before I got to the studio, but I had always admired his work, so it was pretty cool. I also did some stuff with The Crystal Method which might not come out till later on some soundtrack, and as always I'm still making sure to work on new Filter shit. I gotta tell ya, things are great, it's been nothing but good clean living and some seriously loud motherfuckin' rock music! I've seen the new Filter Discussion Group and it's beautiful, nice job to Wark and the rest of the crew for their work on that, I'm entirely grateful for your contribution to the online Filter presence!

I promise I'll be updating this in less than 3 months, be sure to check out the new Filter Discussion Group if you get a chance, I know I'll be making my way over there a bunch.

-Richard Patrick


Ladies and gentlemen the new Filter record is unbelievable, it's coming along nicely and it's full of lots of variety. Rae Dileo and I are pounding out the songs and I've been talking to new producers to bring on board, there's some really talented folks out there. I recently had the honor and privilege of having Jerry Cantrell come into the studio and work on new material with me. He came and pumped out about 100 hundred riffs and it was awesome, I had a lot of fun and it's great to work with him. Ya know, I've been sober for more than a year now, and the first thing I did to mark the anniversary was to go out and get a tattoo of my sobriety date on my arm. It didn't hurt at all, it only cost me $60 and it'll be there forever. I've been seeing a lot of shows in LA recently including Radiohead and Marilyn Manson, they both rocked and its making me want to get back out on the road again. So yeah thanks for the support, expect a new Filter record in the near future, love ya and I'll talk to you soon.

-Richard Patrick



Happy Holidays to all my online friends! I just want you to know that it's been a great year for me and we're still working on the new record. This material is fucking amazing, as I've said in the past, and I've got like 10 songs written. I'm really pleased with how it's all coming out. As far as website updates, no news is good news because that means I'm keeping busy with this recording, but be advised that I will be releasing a full length LP in the summer of 2004. Be sure to stop by the NEW Filter Discussion Group and check out the posts, I like to head over there on occasion and see what's up. Stay golden, that's it for me, seasons beatings and a Happy New Year to all.

Your Truly,
-Richard Patrick

P.S. Happy Holidays and many thanks go out to all the troops overseas and at home for protecting our shit, we truly appreciate it.



Jerry Cantrell and I at the Camp Freddy performance at The Sundance Film Festival:

So a buddy of ours, Billy Morrison, called up Jerry Cantrell and I last week and asked us to go sing a couple of songs in his cover band called Camp Freddy which performed at The Sundance Film Festival in Park City Utah. This band has had a lot of people involved with it over the years, everyone from Dave Navarro and Perry Ferrell to Melissa Etheridge and now us. Jerry sang "Hey Joe" by Jimi Hendrix, I sang "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin and together we sang "Man in the Box" by Jerry's band Alice in Chains. What an amazing experience that was, from my perspective I did it as a tribute to what Alice in Chains was all about and in honor of Layne Staley. It was great to be on stage with Jerry and to be able to sing that song with him. All that was incredible but now I'm back to work on the forth-coming Filter record and I'm now working with Ken Andrews of Failure fame.

I'll talk to you soon,


Richard Patrick


Hey everybody

Sorry I haven't been posting the Rich Words as frequently as in the past, but as you can probably imagine I've been pretty busy working on the new recordings. I hate to pat myself on the back but Im really proud of myself because I've been working so hard on these songs and it's definitely turning out to be the best music I've ever made. I've had the privilege to work with some great people through the course of these recordings and I'm really excited about how everything is sounding. I've also been able to check out some great concerts lately. I saw Muse the other night and I loved the show and I'm looking forward to seeing Slipknot at the Universal Amphitheatre next week. Well, I gotta head back to work, I'm a slave driver to myself. I'll post again next week I promise!



Hey guys I'm back as promised. My girlfriend got me an official die cast model of the Millennium Falcon for my birthday earlier this week; it's this big four pound replica of the model they used in Episode IV of the Star Wars series, I loved it! Also got to see Slipknot kick some ass at The Universal Amphitheatre. I said hello to the guys afterwards and they were totally cool, had a great time. Be sure to go see my buddy Luke Greenfields movie The Girl Next Door because its a really good movie and of course there's some music from yours truly in it as well. That's all for now, gotta get back to workin on the tunes!




Hey guys I'm back as promised. My girlfriend got me an official die cast model of the Millennium Falcon for my birthday earlier this week; it's this big four pound replica of the model they used in Episode IV of the Star Wars series, I loved it! Also got to see Slipknot kick some ass at The Universal Amphitheatre. I said hello to the guys afterwards and they were totally cool, had a great time. Be sure to go see my buddy Luke Greenfields movie The Girl Next Door because its a really good movie and of course there's some music from yours truly in it as well. That's all for now, gotta get back to workin on the tunes!




Hey everyone, I'm back with a little studio update. I just finished a song called "Only You" and out of all the songs I've written it's definitely one of my favorites. It's gorgeous and melodic and it mixes acoustic guitars with a lot of feedback and sustain. Lyrically, it's a testament to humanity both good and bad. I'm really excited about all the material I've been writing for this record and I feel like it's turning out to be some of the best work I've done to date. That's all for now, time to get back to writing, talk to you soon.